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Silt-Saver, Inc. is a business that started from scratch based on the principle that we could build a better mouse trap. We believe that over the last twelve years we have conceived many new ideas that have brought Silt-Saver, Inc. to be recognized as a leader in sediment control. Our color (green), seen in most products we produce, quickly became synonymous with Silt-Saver. Our products have become known and accepted throughout the engineering community as problem solvers.

Our beliefs and proprietary ideas have been recognized and presented as case studies by the University of Georgia to the IECA and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

For twelve years we have been laying the foundation for the future. We have conceived and brought to market many new products that by design are unlike our competition. With our differences we have created value within our product line. Our ultimate goal is to offer products that provide...

A Better Way to A Cleaner Environment


Manufacturer of sediment control products

Silt Saver Products In Action Demo:

Silt Saver products in action on sites. Please click image to view video.

Silt Saver Owner Roger Singleton Demo BSRF:

Silt Saver BSRF slurry test comparing silt fences for flow and efficiency. Please click image to view video.

Silt Saver BSRF Integrity Demo:

Silt Saver BSRF: Method of attachment demonstrate structural Integrity. Please click image to view video.

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